Socks = Completed

Posted July 13th, 2009 by jenn

Project: Men’s Size 11 socks
Yarn: Coats & Clark Red Heart Super Saver 4 ply 7oz Black
Tools: Boye Circular Aluminum Knitting Needle 16”-Size 7
Methods: Two at once, toe up, magic loop, figure 8 cast-on, short row heel, 1×1 ribbing
Started: May 6th, 2009
Finished: July 13th, 2009

I finished my first pair of socks today. Yippie! Since I had never made them before, I decided to use what I had on hand (hence the worsted weight acrylic) instead of buying some good sock yarn. Johnny put them on the second I got done weaving the ends in. They turned out to be a little big. I did 52 stitches per round. There are also quite a few errors in them. Regardless, he seems to like them. And, after all this was a complete learning experience for me. Next time I will try 46 stitches (if I use worsted), and I will also start the heel a few stitches sooner.

I am now addicted to knitting socks. I used to tire of knitting and crocheting after only a couple of days of stitching. I now know that it was because of what I was trying to make: afghans and blankets. I need shape, more instant gratification, and more usability. Socks provide that and more. While beautiful and usable, blankets are too much drudgery and take way too long me.

This was my second attempt at knitting in the round. My first attempt was a mirror cover for our scooter. I used the same black acrylic yarn for it, figure 8 cast-on, magic loop, and shaped it with plain increases and decreases. Our scooter is mounted on the front of our truck and if we were driving at a certain time of day, the sun would hit the mirror and blind the driver. I finished that project right before I started these socks. So far it is working great and holding up well.

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