Warm and fuzzy

Posted August 4th, 2009 by jenn

Before I finished his black socks, Johnny put in a request for a hat and a couple more pairs of socks. While I truely love the appreciation and enthusiasm, it is unexpected.  Growing up, I don’t ever remember anyone being overly excited about receiving a gift of socks and especially not the ones that their (not mine) grandma knitted. It had a bad air about it. It just wasn’t cool. Of course I am sure that those same folks had no idea how much time and effort when into those gifts or the fact that grandma was thinking of you , lovingly, the whole time she was making them. Many probably still don’t. Socks and blankets are mass produced, inexpensive, and easy to come buy. In a way, I think this cheapens the home crafted items to the naive receiver. On the surface there isn’t any value. I was also guilty of this. I had little appreciation for the items my mother made for me when I was younger. It wasn’t until my 20’s that I even considered the time, efforts, and affection she put into a project. Now years later,  I am creating my own items, and I finally understand. Its great to have a admiring receiver.

Johnny is so eager that he came into Joann’s and while I was looking at needles, he ran off and grabed a skein of wool.

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