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Posted July 25th, 2009 by jenn

hankowool2Yesterday evening was entirely wasted. Well, not completely wasted since I did learn something, but pretty darn close! I spent the evening unwrapping and wrapping one 8oz/465yd bundle of wool. Why? Because I am a newbie.

I am making a hat for Johnny and after showing him a bunch of different stitches and thicknesses, he decided he liked the 1Kx1P swatch that I doubled the yarn on. Now, so far, I haven’t been a ball roller. I have just used the yarn straight off the store bought skein. I have never had an issue. And normally, I can pull the yarn from inside and outside the skein which eliminated the need for a second skein when knitting socks two at a time. However, the yarn for this specific project only unraveled at one point. No problem, I thought. I will just unwrap it until I get to the center and then wrap it up starting from the center. Did I mention I live in the back of a pickup truck? And ya, it was raining outside. Not to mention that I had no real way of knowing when I was at the “middle” of the skein.  Hence, the aforementioned task coupled with the conditions turned out be a much greater chore than I had originally fathomed.

In search of the inner piece I go…. I wrapped the yarn around a plank of wood until I reached the other end of it. Then, I removed it from the plank, grabbed the ends, and started wrapping them around the same plank. Once I got to the center, I pulled the hank of yarn off of the plank yet again and started wrapping the wool around the plank again, this time starting with the center of the skein. The end result was exactly what I wanted.. until the razor toothed cats discovered it.

Every once in a while, I will be knitting along and then come to the end of my yarn at an odd time. Its not because I ran out of yarn, thankfully. Its because one of the cats thinks that I am spending way too much time knitting and not enough time petting. Sneaky they are. One of them has learned to cut through yarn in one stealthy bite. This is what happened this morning.

The plank kept the yarn very manageable and prevented tangling. But being 2’x1′ left a lot to desire in the way of portability and was difficult to hide from the jaws of death (aka the kitties). If I just pulled the hank off of the plank, I figured there was a good chance it would get tangled up. There has to be a better way!

There is: the center pull ball of yarn. !! You can pull the yarn from the inside and the outside of the ball. To roll it, you start with only one end of the yarn. No wrap, unwrap,wrap, etc. If you only want to use one end of the yarn, you use the one from the center of the ball and the ball will stay in one place. I maybe be a newb but as far as I can see, this method is the way to go. I am converted. I am a ball roller.

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