Return On Investment

Posted September 12th, 2010 by jenn

I visited my parents for a few weeks. I get to do that about once a year or so. When I do, I usually stick around for at least a month. While I was there this time, my mom wanted to try her had at socks. She went out and bought herself some yarn and some circular needles.

The first part of the lesson was to toss her new needles. She had bought some aluminum Boyles. I let her borrow a nice, smooth pair of my Audis. She immediately understood the difference. The Boyles are just find for crochet, which she has done avidly for decades, but for knitting, they will get old fast. They aren’t smooth. They get scored quickly, because you (I) are constantly rubbing them together and the yarn gets hung up on those scores.

My mother hasn’t picked up knitting needles in probably 50 years, but she’s awesome so after a five minute refresher on knit and purl, we got down to actually making socks. I had her start out with the same sock pattern and lesson that I did: Silver’s Sock Class. After two days of yelling and wanting to give up, the ah hah moment came. I knew it would. (I remember my own “ah hah” moment well.) She just had to get through the learning curve. Which is quite large if you don’t knit and your first project is a pair of socks on a magic loop.

She is a quick study. Before I left she was already on her second pair. I was still on the pair that I brought with me.

It was nice to be able to do return the favor. After all, being my mom, she taught me a lot of stuff.

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