We Dyed At Slab City

Posted March 12th, 2011 by jenn

We tried our hands at tie dying.

Lessons learned:ca_slabcity-tiedye07

1. Use an elevated work surface that allows the excess dye to run trough it. We didn’t and dye got on spots it wasn’t supposed to, totally ruining effects that we were aiming for. Chicken wire, screen, or a BBQ grill top would work well. I would also use a spray bottle to rinse it off before placing the next object on it.

2. Rinse well before you untie. Many of the resources that I found online either untied and rinsed or didn’t specify. The first thing that I unraveled and rinsed could have been the best of the batch. By not rinsing thoroughly before unraveling, it didn’t make the top three.

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