Giving it a whorl.

Posted February 1st, 2012 by jenn

Last November, I visited A Wren’s Nest Farm to help harvest some of their chickens. While I was there, I stumbled upon a wall of dyed fiber. It was merino wool off their sheep that they had harvested, cleaned and dyed a lovely array of colors. I also spied some drop spindles. The Matriarch of the farm told me that she sells the spindles and includes a quick lesson in how to use them. We were very preoccupied with the chickens, so I was unable to get a lesson then. I did return a couple of weeks later for some eggs, goat cheese, wool and my lesson. Here is the result…. it’s a work in progress.

Processing purple Fluffy (Merino)

Processing purple Fluffy (Merino)

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